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Hey friends!

I'm growing a garden of songs, and its harvest time! This fall I'm releasing an EP to my fan club on Patreon. Folks pledge a few dollars a month to help me create, and I send songs, videos, and behind the scenes blogs every month.  "The Analog Sessions" EP is a special project featuring songs from right before my car accident, right after the accident, and one sweet song I wrote at Crooked Crow Songwriter Retreat when I was first starting to truly nerd out on songwriting.  I'm so excited to share these songs!  I recorded them straight to tape at Good Danny's Studio outside Austin, TX w/ my dear friends from Fat Fuse Music. 

Join Team Daisy today, and I'll send you the songs one by one this fall. (click here)

Thanks for helping me make the music. Cheers from my song garden.

<3 Daisy

I Give A Folk 

Daisy is hosting a week of music at Folk Alliance International featuring performers from around the world. Here's the full schedule of performers for room #736-
10:30 - Ida Wenoe + Shawnee Kilgore + Daisy O'Connor
11:30 - Heather Mae + Little Brave  + Bobby Jo Valentine
12:30- David Berkeley + Megan Burtt + Michael Howard
1:30- Violet & The Undercurrents


10:30- Shawnee Kilgore
11:00- Rachel Laven + Anna Tivel + Robby Hecht
12:00- Annie Oakley + Kyle Reid
1:00- Ali Holder + John Craigie + Daisy O'Connor
2:00- The Brother Brothers + Lily & Duncan

10:30- Daisy O'Connor
11:00- Rebecca Loebe
11:30- Anna Vogelzang + Raina Rose
12:00- Lula Wiles + Anthony Da Costa

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